• Feel my love
    feel my love
  • The Gatekeeper
    The Gatekeepers
  • Anna and her twin brother
    Lone Twin
  • Panda Farnana and Louise Dersheid
    Panda Farnana, a disturbing Congolese
  • Panamarenko
    Panamarenko, The Magic of Art
  • Little Figures
    Little Figures
  • l'homme qui voulait classer le monde
    L'Homme qui voulait classer le monde
  • It's so hard to write
    The Gift of Dyslexia
  • Galeries Royales St. Hubertus
    Between Flora and Thalia: life in the St. Hubertus Gallery
  • Bletzi
    Bletzi, bletzi
  • fields in Ruanda
    The Dead are Alive: Eyewitness in Rwanda
  • nature
    Power of the North
Developing and producing films with a distinct point of view, international appeal and high production values, Wild Heart Productions brings new energy to the non fiction market place.

in development

on these page you will find the projects we've planned
by Anna van der Wee

Soon you will find here all the information about further projects...

feel my love

feel my love World Premiere at IFFR (Rotterdam) on January 25 at 19:30

feel my love Avant-premiere at De Warande in Turhout, Belgium on January 11 2014

Touching Infinity
A film about life, when the end is in view

shooting started on Griet Teck's new documentary. Due to the subject matter, we plan shooting period of 1 year.

Touching Infinity, the new film by Griet Teck got funding from VAF, the Flemish Audiovisual Fund!

CANVAS will be coproducing 'Touching Infinity' the new documentary of Griet Teck