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The Dead are Alive: Eyewitness in Rwanda

people on the road in Ruanda
killing fields
fields in Ruanda

Based on the diary of award winning journalist Els De Temmerman, won both critical acclaim and commercial success. This was the first international film to examine the atrocities of the genocide. The film was shown on television across Europe, Japan, Australia and North America and won many international prizes.

Release: 1996

Co-producers: Wild Heart Productions Canada, VRT

Awards: Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco Festival 1996, Silver Spire at The New York Festivals 1997, Gemini nomination for Scriptwriting category 1997, Czech Golden Lion Award in 1998, ECHO Humanitarian Award in 1998, selected for Banff Television Festival and Biarritz Festival, participated at Input in Mexico

Broadcasted on: Spiegel TV – Germany, RAI – Italy, KRO – The Netherlands, YLE – Finland, NRK – Norway, DR – Denmark, TV Ontario – Canada, SBS – Australia, NHK – Japan, etc.

Distribution: Mundovision, Canada